Gravity Seeks Love is a not-for-profit, artist-run project space and curatorial platform for collaborative exhibitions and events promoting inter-disciplinary dialogue and creative exchange.

GSL Projekt is a unique space that seeks to support the development and promotion of female curators living in (or with a connection to) Berlin. By raising the visibility and fore-fronting female curators, we aim to promote the careers of women in the arts by challenging the visible under-representation of their achievements.

GSL prioritises female curators with an active interest in exploring the links between psychoanalysis and the arts, in investigating philosophy and reflecting upon linguistics. We seek ideas that bridge the gap between art, psychology, philosophy, language and projects that encapsulate a thematic discourse inter-relating these doctrines.

GSL Projekt seeks to form long lasting friendships with our selected fold of artists and curators and through our commitment to the production of high-end exhibitions we strive to establish international links and collaborations that will aid the development of each individual that we work with.