A Lover’s Discord (2015)

A Lover’s Discord at KONTOR Projects


A Lover’s Discord is a group exhibition that ponders loves magnetism, our impulsivity and drives. Taking inspiration from Roland Barthes’ feverish paperback ‘A Lover’s Discourse’, our illusions and delusions about the O’ther are further examined, though not through words, but through pictures.

A Lover’s Discord is sensual, visceral and raw – a ‘real’ visual reckoning of the language of love and desire. In this exhibition ‘fragments’ of images speak where language might otherwise fail us.

A Lover’s Discord features works by Alasdair Duncan, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Esther Teichmann and Alana Lake with others (Linus Bill, Calin Kruse, Thomas Vandenberghe, James Unsworth, Sharon Kivland, Paulina Otyline Surys, Dominic From Luton, Rckay Rax, Fresh White and more) by chance or fate.