GSL Projekt presents students works from The College of Print Making Arts, Stockholm, Sweden working with the underlying theme ‘borders’.

The exhibition reflects the students working processes, whilst offering the chance to present their ideas and outcomes in exhibition format using a mixture of silkscreen techniques, posters and hand made artists’ books.


Exhibiting artists:

Emma Strandberg
Christhopher Gyökeres
Christina Hillerdal
Maud Probst
Karin Södergren
Fanny Listherby
Annika Olsson
Adrian Hackman
Wendy Starenius
Karin Forss
Geraldine Hudson
Matilda Lövgren
Sara Millak
Victoria Sallamba
Veronika Öberg
Tindra Collett
Sanna Ekelund



Opening reception at May 17th, 4 PM

Exhibition open:
May 17th, 4-7 PM
May 18th, 2-6 PM