The Ninja From Marrakech (2015)

Curated by Arielle Bier, artist Josep Maynou



The Ninja from Marrakech is a solo exhibition by artist Josep Maynou featuring a new series of hand woven artworks created in the mountain villages of Morocco.

Mixing graphics and references of international pop-culture with the cultural exchange of social practice, Maynou bridges the international lived experience between urban and rural communities. The growing ubiquities of graphic icons such as happy faces, thumbs-up signs, graffiti, and English lettering, have become accepted baselines for cross-cultural platforms of communication across the language divide. A smiley face icon used on the cell phone of a Berber Shepard in the mountains of Morocco or a Start-Up Engineer in Berlin carry the same significance. For Maynou, these connecting points become the starting point for storytelling of the cross-cultural mash up of both real and imagined experiences.