GSL Projekt is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of artist Josep Maynou. This is the first exhibition to be presented at GSL in Weißensee.

Working with found objects, already imbued with their own set of cultural codes, like a DJ, Maynou selects, samples and remixes elements of our every-day lives.

His new works, a series of hand welded lamps made from scrap metal and other found material blur the distinction between art object and domestic appliance.

His newly crafted artefacts show a preoccupation with a blurring of the boundaries between both the objects inherited meaning and its implied cultural status and the new possibilities that arise through their (the artists and objects) encounter.

An old cap, a child’s drawing modelled on an existing artwork and an 80’s comic playfully re-examine the notion of originality and ownership as Maynou knowingly introduces elements of popular culture, cites design objects and references art history.

His new cultural artefacts toy with the interior in which they are installed as questions of function come further into play. Maynous reflections upon the space point us towards Foucault’s ‘Hetrotopias of time’, a place in which objects from differing times and styles co-exist, serving simultaneously as referent to the past yet are preserved from the metaphor of aging.

Furthermore interhuman relations are inevitably explored, the relationships between individuals and their communities, social groups and larger networks are bought together through his use of familiar signs and symbols that act as a meeting-point for social and cultural exchange. Maynous sampled reflections give the objects he connects with a new historiography and thus become a prop for his related performances and storytelling.

Private Viewing 02.06.2017, 6-10pm